February 28, 2009

Homemade dumplings by Mrs Liu

Mrs Liu - maid of the Paks - made these from scratch this afternoon!!! That was our dinner --- and lunch tomorrow!!!!

February 26, 2009



February 25, 2009

Rubik’s cubes Pac-Man and Space Invaders in NYC!

Invader, one of my favorite street artists from Paris. He has already invaded many many cities around the world. His website http://www.space-invaders.com/

February 23, 2009

Bicycle Tees to go with your “LV” bike!

Nice tees from Freeman Transport – they go very well with your bike! Aeon!

I like to babysit!

Cooking with Coca Cola!

February 22, 2009

Mr Ryo and Soren in FUN-NY tee!

FUN-NY tee for kids from Studio Bento! Available here!

More creative bentos from Anna the Red!!!!!!

Love the “screaming” raving rabbit!!!!!

Penny Arcade robot, Tingle and Raving Rabbit! Genius! More pics from Anna here!

February 21, 2009

Afternoon in Chelsea

Met Jason this afternoon at Comme des Garçons. I really enjoyed the Junya Watanabe’s Spring 09 collection!!!! We then went to Ellsworth Kelly’s show at Matthew Marks gallery and Robert Irwin’s Red Drawing White Drawing Black Painting installation at PaceWildenstein. Awesome!!

Junya Watanabe’s images from style.com

Jumping Evelyn!

This picture makes me smile!

PS (Park Slope) I Love You Tee

available here.

Swedish Chef and Spicy Chicken tonight!

I tried something new tonight! Spicy Szechuan Chicken - used boneless chicken legs instead of breasts! Recipe here.

Peace (War is Over) buttons!

We just created these buttons. available here.

February 20, 2009

Aeon’s illustrations + his chic LV bike seat!!!!

My fellow art director friend Aeon Stanfield did these illustrations!!!!

Also his LV bike seat!!! BEYOND CHIC!!!!!

Aeon’s contact here!

Have your credit card ready - EMOJI for your iPhone! Only 99 cents!

Got this text from Samantha yesterday!! Cutest SMS text ever!!!
They are Emoji, Japanese for “picture” + “letter”, is a set of picture characters used in Japan much in the same way as emoticons here in the US.

How to get that:
1. Download “frostyplace” from the apple App store
2. Push the Home button, go to Settings
3. Click General > International > Keyboards > Japanese
4. Turn on Emoji
5. Have fun!!!!!

My bento lunch today!